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Turn Off WIFI – Getting Back to Wired Internet

Turn Off Wifi

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All those who are trying to reduce EMF radiation at home, need to first turn off WiFi. One of the major steps taken to reduce EMF exposure is by ditching WiFi.

It is true that Wi-Fi is convenient, but it needs to be remembered that Wi-Fi enabled devices do emit lots of EMF radiation. Wired internet, on the other hand, emits lesser EMF. Wired internet is reliable, it’s fast and more secure.

To get a wired connection, you need to hire an expert. The expert will visit your home, understand your needs and then run ethernet cables for the connection. This is certainly the best option if you do not have the technical abilities to set-up a wired connection. In case, you wish to do it yourself, but need a little bit of guidance, we have something which will help you.

Turn Off WiFi – Step1 – Equipment Needed

First and foremost, you will have to purchase all the equipment you need. You might get the modem from your internet provider on a lease, which is a part of your monthly bill. Many providers do provide the modem. In case your provider doesn’t provide the modem, you need to get one. Many modems work as a router and have a wireless capability as well – that is fine as well. But you need to ensure that you are able to turn off WiFi – your modem should have this feature.

Besides this, you will also need an ethernet switch and ethernet cables. The ethernet switch helps in connecting multiple internet cables. Thus, there will be a wired connection on different devices. Users, need to be sure about the different devices which will need such a wired connection. Thus, users can ensure that the switch has many ports. For ethernet cables, you will need a shielded cable or a reinforced cable. This will further help in reducing EMF-output. You might need an ethernet cable for every device which you wish to connect. Users can also share a cable between multiple devices in case these are not used at once.

Plugging in and Running Cables Before you Turn Off  WiFi

Once you have the appropriate equipment, you can get started. The first step is to plug in the modem. It will be set up according to the instructions of your internet provider. Once the internet connection is there, an ethernet cable will be plugged into the port on the modem. You will then connect the other end to the switch.

As the ethernet switch is live and is connected, it is possible to run the cables from switch to each room where there is a need for internet access. This can involve drilling through the ceiling or floor when there are multiple levels at home. The cable will run along the carpet. It is also taped to the wall. If you are concerned about appearance, you can run the cable behind the wall as well. It is just about installing a port in each room.

Connecting Your Devices

As the ethernet cables are set in each room where access is needed, you can begin by plugging your device. You can plug-in video game consoles, desktop computers and even televisions or other devices which use an ethernet port. Your cell phone might work without the internet, but your laptop with its wired connection or even the desktop is a lot safer when it is on a wired connection. The EMF output is low.

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How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on Router

The last step of going wired is to turn off WiFi on the modem. You will turn the internet off on all Wi-Fi enabled devices. The actual steps can vary which depends on the device. In case you are unsure, you can get in touch with the device’s owner’s manual.

A hardwired internet connection is a lot better than WiFi for a number of reasons. This is especially so if you are considering a reduction in your home’s EMF level. Though it might require some technical skills and also effort, isn’t it a small price which you can pay for the protection of your family from EMF radiation.

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