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TriField EMF Meter Review

TriField EMF Meter Review -

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The first step in protecting you and your family from the effects of radiation is detecting it, and that is done with an EMF meter. There are several great options on the market that do an excellent job, and one of those is the Trifield EMF Meter.

Is this EMF meter the one for you? Will it meet your needs? To help answer these questions, we will take a deeper look at the unit below. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Trifield EMF Meter Review

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The Trifield EMF Meter, or the TF2, is a versatile unit that offers the user three different types of EMF radiation detection. Therefore, it allows users to monitor magnetic, electric, and microwave radiation, which means you will be able to develop a good plan for reducing your exposure. It is an upgraded model from the Trifield 1000XE, and it has had several modifications that make it a more high-performance piece of equipment.

These upgrades include:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Wider frequency range in RF mode
  • Digital design with an LCD

Moreover, the unit is crafted in high-grade materials for extra durability and features an easy-to-understand setup. The LCD can be backlit for times when there is limited light available. This display also offers more information than the previous model so that you have more accurate reads.

Who Is This EMF Meter For?

This is definitely an EMF meter that will serve just about anyone well. That being said, the simplicity of the setup and monitor system is well-suited for those who are beginners at using an EMF meter. It offers easy reads and simple controls, and that is what you need as a newcomer to EMF metering.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Trifield EMF Meter, you will find the following in the box:

  • Monitor
  • Manual
  • 9V battery w/indicator

Overview of Features

These are the main features you can expect with this EMF meter:

  • 3 types of detection – AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/Microwave
  • Peak hold for measuring fast digital signals
  • 3-axis AC magnetic field
  • 1-axis AC electric field
  • 1-axis RF (reads 5G)
  • Fast indicator bar
  • LCD
  • Standard and weighted modes
  • Frequency range: 40Hz – 100kHz (AC), 20MHz – 6GHz (RF)
  • Accuracy: +/- 4% @ 50/60Hz (AC magnetic), +/- 5% @ 50/60Hz (AC electric), +/- 20% @ 1GHz (RF)
  • Max range: 100mg (AC magnetic), 1000 V/m (AC electric), 19.999 mW/m2 (RF)
  • Sensitivity: .1mg (AC magnetic), 1 V/m (AC electric), .001 mW/m2 (RF)
  • 9V alkaline battery included
  • 1-year warranty

There is a lot to love when you look at the TF2. The versatility of detection is probably the biggest, though. Above all, the inclusion of three EMF tracking modes makes it capable of ensuring that all forms of radiation dispersed by the technology in your home are detected. In turn, this allows you to find and plan ways to protect yourself and those in your home from them.

Now, there are a few issues that we think could be improved. Firstly, the monitor only measures up to a certain level, which will limit some of that amazing versatility we discussed above. Some feel that two modes – standard and weighted – is an unnecessary feature that complicates the unit just a bit. On top of that, to get to the two extra features – backlit and audio – you have to remove the battery cover, which is a little annoying.

How To Use the Trifield EMF Meter

The first thing you have to know to properly use the monitor is how to hold it. After that, you will need to know this to ensure that you are not covering the sensors used by the unit to monitor the EMF radiation.

Firstly, hold the unit in the palm of your hand. Secondly, your thumb should be on one side, and the rest of your fingers wrapped around the other side about halfway down the monitor. Finally, this will leave the sensors, which are laid out along the top of the unit, free to do their job.

If you need a more in-depth look at the functions of the meter, check out this video below.


  • Easy to understand and read
  • 3 different types of EMF monitoring
  • Sensitive and accurate MAG mode
  • Crafted with an audio mode to allow you to hear the meter
  • Stable reads at all battery levels


  • Can only measure up to 6GHz – somewhat limited
  • Inclusion of standard and weighted modes may seem unnecessary
  • Have to remove the battery cover to get to the audio and backlit buttons


If you are working with a limited budget or want easier access to the control of volume and backlighting, then the model that we have been looking at may not be a great option for you. These concerns will lead you to look for an alternative, and one of the best in our mind is the model we will look at is the Meterk EMF meter.

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Meterk EMF Meter

This EMF detector is one of the best budget-friendly models on the market. However, the low price tag does not detract at all from the efficiency and functionality of the unit. Moreover, it has a nice design and is compact for easy transport.

Along with that, the unit is easy to use, and all of its controls are easily accessible. In conclusion, the price and the accessibility of the unit’s controls make it a great alternative choice to the Trifield EMF Meter we have been reviewing.

Final Thoughts

The Trifield EMF Meter is easy to use and is a well-crafted option for just about anyone. It comes with versatility and durability that will suit both a layman and a professional. With our in-depth look at this EMF meter model, we hope we have helped you find the right one for you and your needs.


Emf was always an intriguing subject for me.
In today's world, we're all exposed to electromagnetic fields of different strengths. I feel it is important to know how to minimize our exposure without sacrificing the things we all love and can not live without, like our phones, tablets, microwaves, etc...I made it my mission to learn as much as possible on the subject first to protect my family and inform others. Browse the articles to get informed. Knowledge is power.

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