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Smart Meter EMF Protection What You Should Know

Smart Meter EMF Protection

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Smart Meter EMF Protection

In this article, we discuss the risks of exposure to smart meter emf and steps you can take to gain EMF protection.

A long time ago, when meter readers would check our water or gas usage, they had to do it manually. They would go to the meter and then take the reading. However, things are different now! Smart meters are now quite common. These smart meters transmit information without wire, just as the meter reader drives by.

Isn’t that convenient?

Well, yes! But it is quite problematic for those who are looking forward to reducing the EMF levels of their home.

Smart Meters EMF – How is it Convenient?

How Do Smart Meters Work

As these smart meters transmit data wirelessly, these are quite convenient for the utility companies. Smart readers help in tracking usage. They help in installing software.  It also helps in turning off the electricity without even visiting the home, it is now possible with the help of smart meters. The problem which arises is smart meter EMF radiation through RF signals. Studies show that these signals when in high quantities, are considered carcinogens. A lot of research is still needed to determine the risk associated with these signals. However, according to the American Cancer Society, smart meters can be blamed for possible cancer risk.

Smart Meters Risks Due to Exposure

Undoubtedly, these smart meters are responsible for increasing the EMF radiation in a home. Certain people are very sensitive to Smart Meters EMF.


And their symptoms manifest in the form of itchiness, insomnia, dizziness, and many other issues. Such affected people feel better when they enter an area where EMF levels are low. Also, different types of cancer, such as glioma, and leukemia, are possibly being linked to prolonged EMF exposure from the smart meters. The “WHO” has promised to carry out a formal assessment of the risks from RF exposure, but this report is not yet available.

How to Minimize Exposure

If it is about minimizing exposure to smart meters, consumers are helpless because they usually have no say over the type of meter used by a utility company. These meters are generally upgraded from time-to-time and on a municipality wide basis. Thus, if you are having one such meter, it is quite likely that the entire community has the same one.

The majority of the cities do not allow buying and installing individual meters. This is especially the case with the increasing use of smart technology. This would mean additional work for their employees. Employees would have to visit certain houses for manual readings.

Smart Meter EMF Protection is essential if you are staying in an area where smart meters are quite common. Consumers need to make efforts to reduce overall EMF radiation by following some standard tips. One of the easiest ways of lowering EMF radiation is by going wired. Disabling Bluetooth on all devices and turning the phone off when you are not using it can help in reducing the EMF levels at home.

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EMF Protection With Smart Meter Covers

How Smart Meter EMF Cover Can Help

Besides this, using a high-quality EMF meter is also a great idea. It will help in knowing about all devices which are producing EMF. Consumers can invest in Smart Meter EMF Cover. These covers usually go over the meter and cover it well. They are helpful in reducing EMF radiation which is emitted by the device.

Consider Smart MeterGuard EMF Cover

This Smart Meter Guard EMF Shield Cover blocks 5G radiation and will attach just above the smart meter. This cover is made in the USA and uses high-quality stainless steel, which stays in good condition for a long time without rusting and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The Smart Meter Guard is an excellent cover in case you are in a region that faces extreme weather conditions in the form of snowy and cold winters.

Such a Smart Meter EMF Cover is a great addition to your overall effort to blocking EMF radiation in your life.

Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield

This Smart Meter Cover act as a Faraday cage, blocking electric and magnetic radiation from penetrating the cage. They essentially contain the radiation emitted by the smart meter, without blocking the signal needed by your utility company. If you are looking for Smart Meter EMF Protection, Faraday Cage is a good option. It is quite similar to SmartMeterGuard’s cover in terms of design and style. The Faraday Cage is a smart cover which is just perfect for electric meters. The cover is under $50. If the budget is not a problem and you stay in a mild climate, it is a good option.

Last Thoughts

Smart meter covers are increasingly becoming popular. The market offers a variety of Smart Meter Covers. All and all, it is a good idea to know how to protect your home and family.

Don’t hesitate and invest in a high-quality smart meter cover. You will be able to reduce the EMF radiation levels at your home successfully. You will also be able to lower IMF related sickness as well.

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