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Shungite EMF Protection – Fact or Fiction?

Shungite EMF Protection -

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In recent years, the damage that electromagnetic field radiation causes has been a heavily discussed topic. While emitted by most appliances, it has been proven that laptops, tablets, and smartphones are a few of the most dangerous devices. Apart from the proximity of these devices, another big influence is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as these result in high radiofrequency and EMF radiation. A couple of options to reduce health risks is investing in laptop radiation pads or healing crystals. Shungite is a stone that has become extremely popular in this field of discussion. Users of Shungite say it is the stone with proven EMF radiation protection.

There have been numerous studies discussing the potential of Shungite in terms of blocking electric, magnetic, and radiofrequency radiation. However, the final verdict has yet to be reached. For this reason, we will do our best to cover all the aspects. We will talk about the the uses and potential benefits of using this crystal. Finally, we will give our opinion on whether it can protect you from EMF. Let’s get to it!

What Is Shungite?

As is referenced by the name of this crystal, it is mostly extracted from Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia. Shungite is considered to be extremely rare. Comprised of hollow molecules (buckyballs), it is 99% carbon. This is one of the main reasons why its healing properties are largely enhanced.

When it comes to the origin of Shungite, there are several theories. The most popular one is that it is the residue of a meteorite that struck Earth millions of years ago. While this is the most probable origin, we also like the theory that it is a result of microorganism formations in waters around the Karelia village.

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EMF Protection with Shungite

Several studies have been conducted in regards to this matter, with one from 2003 being the most relevant. However, the fact that it was done on rats and not humans prevents the public from concluding whether Shungite actually protects from EMF radiation or it is just a myth coming from alternative medicine advocates.

Our personal opinion is that it can be effective when it comes to blocking harmful radiation. We claim this based on the fact it is massively used in treating oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet B radiation. Also, it is considered to relieve inflammation, as well as a few physical ailments, including liver and kidney problems, chronic fatigue, and gastric issues.

Best Shungite-Based Products for EMF Protection

Karelian Heritage Shungite Pyramid Set

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Whether you are looking to open your chakras or you want to block the radiation emitted by your laptop and other technological devices, this product is a worthy investment. You get four pyramids that are made out of Type III Shungite, which consists of 50% carbon and residue of pyrite. Made by the Karelian Heritage Company, it is a reliable product that even comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Heka Naturals Shungite EMF Protection

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Coming from the Zazhoginsky mine in Karelia, Russia, this is one of the most inclusive sets on the market. The first item you are getting is a 3-inch Shungite pyramid that you can put in your home or office to ensure effective protection from EMF. Also, there is a bracelet that you can wear on the left or right wrist to block environmental radiation. There is also a phone plate that is perfect for attaching your phone case to.

Wellness Hut Shungite Stones

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Coming in a half-pound package, you are getting several stones that are 1.2 inches in size. They can be used for water purification (48-72 hours) or as an EMF blocker. Much like the aforementioned products, this one is 100% authentic, as the Wellness Hut brand is supplied directly by miners from Karelia.

Pachamama Essentials Shungite Set for EMF Protection

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As we have mentioned above, you can use the Shungite crystal for much more than EMF radiation blocking, including relieving ailments and eliminating oxidative stress. This is where both the 8mm bracelet and the 2-inch pyramid can come in handy. You can wear one and put the other in your home or office for protection. Not to mention, the five pieces of Shungite stones are perfect for water purification.

Heka Naturals Shungite Harmonizer Set

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It is quite common that Shungite is used for balancing energy and as a staple in meditation. In this set, you are getting a single Shungite cylinder, as well as a stearate soap cylinder. To reveal the potential of these items, the idea is to hold them in your hands. This way, it protects yourself from negative energy and environmental damage, including EMF radiation.

Wallystone Gems Elite EMF Protection Shungite Pendant

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If you are looking for a convenient yet effective item for EMF protection, then you are in the right place. This product is highlighted by an adjustable cord (14-28 inches), as well as a single Shungite pendant (5-9 grams) that you can wear around your neck. The stone is of utmost quality and is extracted from the most resourceful mines in Karelia, only to then be manually picked.

Wallystone Shungite Pendant Sacred Geometry

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Coming with a certificate of authenticity and made out of Type II Shungite that consists of up to 50% carbon, you can choose between several different pendant designs depending on your preference. There is the Hexagon Tree of Life, Lotus Flower, Circle Tree, Pyramid Men, Pyramid Women, and a few others that are equally as efficient and attractive. It is used for neutralizing negative energy and EMF protection.

Wallystone Shungite Gem Stickers

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As one of the coolest offers on the Shungite market, you will get five stones that are 0.85 inches in diameter and 0.06 to 0.11 inches in thickness. You can apply these to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to create a shield working against radiation and geopathic stress.

SHUNGA-STONE Shungite Merkaba

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Made to be both a talisman for success, harmony, and well-being, as well as an item that protects from EMF radiation, this is one of the most attractive Shungite stones on the market. You are looking at Type III Shungite that consists of at least 50% carbon, and in a lot of cases, it has more than that. It measures 0.8 x 0.8 inches, making it universal and perfect for both men and women.

Shungite Sphere Polished Ball

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This ball is available in several different dimensions, including 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm in diameter. You can use it for massaging, concentration, and relieving inflammation. Additionally, putting it near your laptop or tablet can play an essential role in reducing the amount of radiation that is being emitted.

Wrap Up

Whether you are someone who trusts alternative medicine or you are an advocate of conventional methods, trying to protect yourself with Shungite can’t harm you. We did our best to cover the most inclusive and authentic products – it is your turn to pick one and let us know the results. Good luck!


Emf was always an intriguing subject for me.
In today's world, we're all exposed to electromagnetic fields of different strengths. I feel it is important to know how to minimize our exposure without sacrificing the things we all love and can not live without, like our phones, tablets, microwaves, etc...I made it my mission to learn as much as possible on the subject first to protect my family and inform others. Browse the articles to get informed. Knowledge is power.

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