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Orgonite EMF Protection – Get the Facts Here!

Orgonite EMF Protection -

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Orgonite EMF protection is something that a lot of individuals want. It is a less invasive and natural way to negate the EMF radiation floating around us. If you are not familiar with this tool, you may be skeptical. In this quick guide, we will look at orgonite EMF protection. Also, we will talk about everything you need to know before deciding if this is the right path for you.

Orgonite EMF Protection – What Is It?

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Orgonite is a mix of several components, including resin, crystal, and metal. The combination of these components helps balance and harmonize the bio-energy we all have. This is also called orgone, or chi, among other names.

The properties of the components help pull negative energy from wherever it is and transforms that energy into good energy. These amalgamations of substances can be used as personal EMF protection or even in a room if they are big enough.

This is perfect since the need for more and more technology has become the norm. Thus, our worlds are full of EMF radiation that needs to be negated before it disrupts our systems.

How Does It Work?

The million-dollar question, though, is does it actually work? There have been several studies on this matter. Most of the studies have shown that orgonite can neutralize the radiation left by the nuclear process, so the low-grade EMF that accumulates around us is certainly not as tough of a task like that.

One of the key components is metal, as many metals have the ability to decrease radiation. The multiple layers of metal are key in absorbing and cleaning the radiation from the air. This is not a way to get rid of everything, but it does decrease it to a much safer level, which helps protect you from the effects.

Then, when that metal is connected with the resin and crystals, the product is amplified. There are several crystals that are typically used – Shungite, black tourmaline, and amazonite, or some sort of quartz. If you are purchasing a prefab orgonite EMF protection system, these are what you should look for. For those having a custom one done, the person creating it may go with other options to fit with your energy.

Benefits Of Using Orgonite EMF Protection

Even with understanding how orgonite EMF protection works, the next question that you may be thinking is why even bother? EMF radiation can’t be that much, right? However, though there are low levels of EMF all around us and you may not see the effects right away, they accumulate. This accumulation and constant exposure make EMF radiation potentially just as dangerous as smoking.

Studies have shown that exposure can lead to cancer and other health concerns. Other than protecting you, there are several other benefits:

Improved Sleep – By having an orgonite EMF protection piece next to your bed or in your bedroom, you will find that you will sleep better. Any people who have used this have reported improved sleep, and it is scientifically easy to explain. Our rooms have tons of EMF in them, and the units harmonize that energy, allowing it to make its way into your mind. This allows the bio-electrical systems of that organ to function properly.

Reduced Anxiety – By reducing the harmful EMF rays that you are dealing with on a daily basis, you may notice that you are less anxious. This is because your brain is being allowed to do what it needs to do without any negative energy. This allows your body to function at its fullest capacity.

Is One Type Better Than the Other?

When you begin looking for an orgonite EMF protection piece, you will find that there are two main types – personal and spatial. Either works well, but the size and purpose do matter. If you are looking to make your home more secure, then the better option is a larger piece that almost looks like a piece of décor. This is when size matters the most.

If you are looking to cover a larger area, you will want to choose a larger model. Most large orgonite pieces will cover up to 16 feet of space. However, there have been studies that prove that, even with the right size, you will not get the full protection by just placing it anywhere. The orgonite should be placed as close as possible to serious sources of EMF. For instance, if you have a router in the room, finding a way to get the orgonite as close to the router as possible will help decrease the EMF more efficiently.

On the other hand, if you are looking for consistent personal protection, you may find that jewelry is the way to go. There are several places where you can find pendants or pendulums so that your piece can be worn all day every day. Typically, this type of orgonite EMF protection will cover about two feet around you.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to escape EMF radiation, as all forms of technology emit it. The next best option is to look at alternative protection options, and one of those is orgonite. We recommend Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid that helps to neutralize EMF from cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi, computers, and electronic devices that you expose yourself to on a daily basis

Hopefully, the quick guide we built for you has helped you in your decision-making process. It is a viable and holistic option that has been proven to work very well and could be the answer to all your concerns when it comes to EMF radiation in your everyday life.


Emf was always an intriguing subject for me.
In today's world, we're all exposed to electromagnetic fields of different strengths. I feel it is important to know how to minimize our exposure without sacrificing the things we all love and can not live without, like our phones, tablets, microwaves, etc...I made it my mission to learn as much as possible on the subject first to protect my family and inform others. Browse the articles to get informed. Knowledge is power.

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