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EMF Light Bulbs All You Should Know

Low EMF Light Bulb

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Whenever we think about devices which emit EMF, two common things which come in our mind are our cell phones and microwave. EMF light bulbs do not usually come in our mind. The fact is that these light bulbs are one of those common household items that are responsible for a lot of EMF radiation. If you are thinking about ways to reduce EMF levels in your home, low EMF light bulbs are a good option.

EMF Light Bulbs

Light bulbs produce EMF in many different ways. Today, we have a number of smart bulbs with some unique features. These smart devices have Wi-Fi capability and if you have a number of Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home, it means there will be higher EMF levels. Many other smart bulbs use Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not safe and equally dangerous if we consider it in terms of radiation emission.

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EMF light bulbs can lead to high EMF levels with dirty electricity production. The new bulbs consume comparatively lesser electricity, which means improved energy efficiency. This is one of the reasons for the increased popularity and demand for these low EMF light bulbs. Though the bulb consumes less electricity, the electricity is usually moving through the wires of the home. Such unused electricity gets back to the home’s wiring. This leads to dirty electricity creation. Dirty electricity implies higher EMF radiation which is quite dangerous.

EMF meter helps in measuring dirty electricity. You can check the abundance or level of dirty electricity with this EMF meter. Turn the lights on and take a reading. Once noted, turn the lights off and take another reading. If you find the results are high when the lights are on, it means you have dirty electricity around.

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Best light bulbs for low emf

Safer Light Bulbs Are a Good Option

If you are looking for safe light bulbs, considering EMF factors, incandescent light bulbs are a good choice. Such Low EMF light bulbs are manufactured in a way that makes them suitable for the wiring of most homes. It means these produce no or very little dirty electricity. Besides, as they do not have Bluetooth capability or WiFi, there is no or little EMF production.

However, these bulbs are not energy efficient and may not help to reduce your energy consumption. These bulbs are not long-lasting as well. The best part is that these incandescent bulbs are not expensive. You can check Sunlite, which offers 40-pack incandescent bulbs for a little more than $60. However, check the wattage as the actual price can vary as per the wattage.

Avoid the Following Light Bulbs

Stay away from smart bulbs that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These are LED bulbs which means it will create dirty electricity. However, the wireless signal also creates its own EMF. To reduce EMF exposure at home, stay away from all these types of bulbs.

Stay away from CFL as well as LED bulbs. The reason is simple – these produce a lot of dirty electricity. Besides, such bulbs are not made for the houses we live in or according to the wiring of our modern homes.

Stay away from the remote-controlled bulbs as well. These are available as single bulbs or light strips as well. Such remote-controlled bulbs are responsible for not just EMF radiation but dirty electricity as well.

Minimize Exposure for Good Health

To avoid all health problems closely associated with EMF radiation, you should reduce exposure to EMF as much as possible.

How do you do that?

The best option is by using incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are preferred due to their energy efficiency as well. But it is also recommended to turn the lights off when you are not using them – this is a good way to lower the electricity bill! If you simply cannot do without these CFLs, smart bulbs, or LED bulbs, try to use them less often as you can.

Remember to keep these lights away from chairs or nightstands or any place from where they might be in close contact with humans.

Well – it might not be easy to lower the EMF level at your home. However, if you switch to the incandescent bulbs, it is certainly going to lower the level at your home.


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