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Low EMF Baby Monitors Guide!

Low EMF Baby Monitors

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Can my Baby be Harmed by EMF Radiation from the Baby Monitor?

Well, it seems like Low emf baby monitors offer the best protection.

Plenty of studies on the subject have revealed that the electromagnet field (EMF) radiation that is emitted by our common baby monitors, can have long-term effects on health.
Children are especially vulnerable to such EMF effects because of their small size and thin skull.

So, what does this imply? It means that whatever you choose to do now, which will help in reducing the EMF exposure of your baby, will certainly have long-term health effects which will be felt later in life.

So, let us understand more about baby monitors?

How do the Baby Monitors Work?

Commonly used wireless baby monitors have shown to emit radiofrequency radiation known as (RF). This is a common electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation which most of the electronics radiate. However, monitors that are found to be safest are known to emit radiation in the FM radiofrequency range.
The baby monitors which are commonly used, usually run in the high microwave range. This is the one, which is of the same high level and type as Wi-Fi and mobile phones. Such EMF levels are harmful to adults and considered to be worst for children.

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Digital vs Analog

There are two kinds of signals which are used by the baby monitors – digital and analog. Analog models are safe but are now tough to find in the US. These baby monitors use FM radiofrequency. This is usually 40MHz. On the other hand, the analog models are sound-only monitors. Digital monitors, usually operate through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and DECT or digital enhanced cordless telecommunications or FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum). These usually work at 2400 MHz or 2.4 GHz microwave frequency. This is certainly at a more dangerous level than the analog ones. In case you feel, you need more features than the ones offered by the analog models, you can select models with eco-mode or Low-emission digital monitors or those with sound activation. Such monitors do not produce high emissions regularly. These usually power up when sound is detected. This offers moderate EMF protection.

Top Wireless Low EMF Baby Monitors – EMF Reduction

Low EMF Baby Monitors -Analog Monitors – Safest

Analog monitors are tough to find nowadays but they are a safe choice. At the time of writing, just one monitor could be found.
Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor – There are no additional frills with this audio monitor. This is the audio-only monitor which works at 49 MHz. The parent unit is easily clipped to a belt. It is available at $29.02 which is quite inexpensive.

Next –  Low Emission Digital Monitors

We could find two Low-emission digital models. These work at 900 MHz. This is certainly higher than the analog models. This is lower than the usual digital models. Both models are voice-activated.
Sony MTM-900 900MHz BabyCall System – The unit is available with alerts in both light and sound. It is offered under $99.99.

Babymoov Expert Care – A Low-emission model which is available in a great range of 2650 feet. This is sound activated. It is available at $100.01.

Digital Monitors Available with Sound and Video Activation

If you feel, you simply cannot do without a video, these models are not the Low EMF baby monitors. These operate at 2.4 GHz. However, these models offer eco mode or sound activation for EMF reduction. Baeishiji Baby Monitor is a highly rated unit, it features night vision and 3.5 inches camera. Unfortunately currently is unavailable on Amazon

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor – An interesting feature of this model is its 3.5-inch video screen. It has a sound-activation mode along with an audio-only mode. The baby’s unit can be mounted on a wall. It also offers room temperature monitoring and night vision. This model is a bit expensive and available at Amazon.

Best Options in Digital Monitors


Nuk BabyMonitor with Eco Control +Video – This is our favorite wireless monitor. Hence, we have given it a section of its own. However, it is not available in the US. It can be shipped to the manufacturers’ addresses, but the added shipping costs make it quite costly at $375.00
The monitor is available with ‘full-eco mode’. This mode helps in reducing EMF exposure by at least 90%. Other features include power-saving mode, 2-way communication, and night vision.

For EMF Protection – Hard Wiring the Monitor is a Good Option

Hard-wiring is one of the safest methods – it even bypasses the Wi-Fi system. With this, you will be having an Ethernet cable running in the baby’s room. The best part is that it offers a high level of EMF reduction. There will be a monitor with an Ethernet port. However, this is not manufactured by many brands. We did manage to find a brand that is highly-rated and rich in features.

MOM&BB Baby Monitor

MOM&BB Baby Safe Camera Monitor – This monitor is available with a number of features. It includes an HD camera that is available with a 360-degree view. It also has some pan-and-tilt function, night vision, cloud storage, video recording, and also 2-way audio. This model is compatible with Amazon Alexa as well. (not available on Amazon at time of writing)

Final Thoughts

No matter which type of monitor you select, you should be able to locate it far away from your little one, but without compromising its functions. The closer your baby is to the monitor; the more EMF radiation will be absorbed.
Of course, we want the best for our baby, but it is not quite simple to understand what is best for your baby. When it is something related to EMF radiation, a little bit of research and some common sense, will definitely help in making a responsible decision.

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Low EMF baby monitor


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