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Home Security Systems And EMF Risks

Home Security Systems and EMF

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Have you ever thought about the connection between your home security systems and EMF?

Well – it has a crucial connection, which most of us are not aware of!  In the excitement of having a smart home, we often ignore some critical factors which can have life-changing effects.

A home security system – is a necessity for most of us now! We need it for protecting our property and loved ones. Having a home security system in place ensures peace of mind for the residents. You are at peace that you have a security camera hovering. You know there is an alarm bell ready to alert you in case of any untoward incident.

As per the FBI, the property crime rate has dropped by more than 6%.  Now, home security systems are a hub for several automation systems. These are not just energy savers, but they add to our convenience and are affordable as well.

Components of Home Security Systems:

A home security system includes several components which add to the functions:

  • Doorbell Camera – One of the most common devices. It records who stops by and allows you to speak to the person remotely. It is a good way to catch package thieves and also to talk to your mailman or welcome guests.
  • Nanny Camera – It keeps an eye on your kid’s room and the caretaker. Such cameras are useful in nurseries as well. It is quite useful when you have aging parents at home. These are of good use when you wish to keep a watch on your pets when you are away.
  • Spotlight Camera – This is an interesting device which lights the surrounding as it senses motion. It helps stop curious animals and for catching intruders as well.

These were some of the many components, though there are many more.

Home Security Systems and EMF – The Risks

Here comes the risk part – No, all might not be good with your home security system!

When you have a burglar alarm you will have peace of mind. You get the peace that if burglars arrive, you have an alarm to alert you. But, have you ever thought that your wireless burglar alarm uses a technology that in the process exposes you to EMF radiation. Thus, though you are ensuring complete protection of your property, you are pushing your health towards a bigger risk.

Doesn’t it sound bad?

It does and most often many of us do not understand or accept this fact. We cannot ignore the fact that if we have a wireless burglar alarm at home and in all our rooms, we are exposing ourselves to EMF radiation.

In recent times, there is plenty of research on the significant health risks when we expose ourselves to EMF radiation. This radiation is usually from different devices such as computers, cell phones, and modern wireless telecommunication devices.

One reality, none of us can ignore is that all these EMF-emitting devices are the fixtures in our modern lives. It is tough to eliminate most of these devices, but it is a fact that a little bit of ‘EMF hygiene’ can help us in reducing the risks.

Research reveals that there are many concerns. There are problems of male fertility as well which is tough to detect.  There is also an increase in the risk of cancers which include brain tumors.

Home Security System and EMF – The Connection

Who doesn’t want a smart home now?

Indeed, life is a lot easier and better managed with our tablets and smartphone. As these home appliances are easily connected to the internet, they are easy to control with the help of mobile devices. For instance, your home security system can be linked to your home network which includes connecting lights, home theater, and entertainment systems. Smart homes are now quite popular and home automation systems are gaining immense popularity all over the world.

But, with all such convenience and functionalities come several health hazards. This is mainly due to the EMF radiation from the gadgets.

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EMF Risks on Home security

Insomnia is a Major Problem

If you have lately found it difficult to sleep, look around your home and check for the active devices in your home. Home security systems and EMF have a strong connection which causes health hazards of different types. According to a study, low-frequency modulation signals from many devices had a role in the quality of sleep. As home-security system-related gadgets connect to Wi-Fi, individuals are exposed to electromagnetic signals from tablets and phones. This causes difficulty in sleep patterns. It can also lead to hypertension and depression.

Difficulty in Focusing

According to research, it is seen that people who are exposed to continuous EMF radiation have reduced brain activities. It leads to reduced concentration and comprehension skills. Smartphones and tablets play a major role in controlling the smart home. All these devices connect to Wi-Fi routers. People find it difficult to focus and suffer from problems due to poor concentration.

Can Cause Stunted Development in Children

As per a study, a baby in the mother’s womb if exposed to EMF from smart home appliances, can suffer from conditions of poor cellular development, which includes delayed development of the kidney. Radiation can disrupt protein synthesis. Proteins are extremely necessary for the growth and development of children.

Problems Related to Heart

As per the results of an experimental study, it is seen that heart rate varied among subjects who were exposed to EMF radiation from a home security system. Many subjects experienced a real physical response to various electromagnetic frequencies which increased their heart rate. People who are stressed or anxious have such an increase in heart rate. Undoubtedly, smart home networks increase the risk of developing heart problems, as there is continuous exposure to EMF radiation.

Home automation is the preferred way of solving many worries, it is important to be aware of the many associated risks as well.

You can reduce risks associated with a home security system and EMF with the help of a few steps. So, you do not have to lose hope. There will be away!

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