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Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth All You Need To Know

Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth

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Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth Why Do We Need Them

Fitness watches are just perfect for anyone who is trying to get fit and into shape. There are a variety of watches, which help in tracking your activities, counting steps, and even in monitoring your sleep. All these features are measured with a gyroscope. It helps in sensing movement and detects automatically when the user is running and walking. There are a few watches that provide Bluetooth connectivity as well, while there are other fitness trackers without Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connectivity is convenient but it makes these watches expensive. It also means that as the Bluetooth is turned on, the device starts emitting EMF or electromagnetic frequencies. If you often visit this site, you already know how harmful this EMF is. It is the cause of many cancerous tumors, fertility problems, and is often responsible for many health problems.

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Bluetooth Associated with EMF

There is still not much study on Bluetooth radiation exposure. However, there are a few studies that indicate that Bluetooth radiation should be considered. For instance, in a particular study insects were exposed to the radiation for just sixth minutes. Reports suggested their cell death.

There is government regulation and now most devices emit less than the designated amount. However, there are a few problems with the set of government standards. One of the major problems is a lack of research or no research at all. A question arises about the setting of safety levels when there is very little study on this. The second problem is from the cumulative Bluetooth radiation. This is from the many Bluetooth enabled devices which surround us daily and emit radiation.

Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth

No, fortunately, not all fitness trackers use Bluetooth. There are many devices which do not have Bluetooth option. While in other devices, there is an option to disable it, when not using it. Those who are searching for safer options will find this useful:

Garmin Vivosmart HR

A highly functional fitness tracker, this device is quite affordable. It can monitor your heart rate effectively. Available under $80, this device is gaining popularity as it allows the user to disconnect from Bluetooth. Thus, this is one of those fitness trackers without Bluetooth. Other features include its calorie tracker, step tracking, and altimeter which helps in monitoring the number of steps climbed. It is also available with vibration alerts which acts as a reminder to stay active.

Turning off the Bluetooth is simple. The user needs to engage the touch screen. You have to hold it and press it until the settings window opens us. Next, one needs to scroll to the Bluetooth setting and choose OFF. Vivosmart is not available with WiFi, which is wonderful if we consider EMF factors. This also means that the user needs to enable Bluetooth at least once a day. This will enable syncing with the Garmin App.

Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2

Available at $165, Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 boasts of several features. It is water-resistant to 50 meters. It has a long-lasting battery and is available with step tracker, heart rate monitor, and GPS tracking. The best feature is that the user can disable the Bluetooth completely. Thus, this device is an integral part of fitness trackers without Bluetooth.

How to Disable Bluetooth

To disable Bluetooth, the user needs to swipe left from the home screen. Under the settings windows, the user needs to scroll to Bluetooth and then uncheck the box. It will disable the Bluetooth. However, as in the case of Garmin Vivosmart, you have to enable Bluetooth or connect it to Wi-Fi at least once to allow Gear Fit Pro 2 syncing.

Fitness watches are quite popular, helping users to stay updated about their activity levels and helping them to stay fit. Though they look quite promising, they do carry risk due to EMF. If you love these watches, you can reduce your risk, by disabling Bluetooth.

In present times, a lot of research is going on, to know more about Bluetooth and radiation. With time, there is a hope that more watch manufacturers will understand the need to allow this user, where users can disconnect from Bluetooth.

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