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EMF Radiation Introduction -What is it?

EMF Radiation

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EMF is an acronym for electric and magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields. Often referred to as radiation, it’s an invisible area of energy, and we’re exposed to it every day from different sources.

One is through a natural source such as the sun. Another is human-made sources, and they are the handy devices and home appliances we commonly use.

While these items are beneficial, they come with risks when not handled well. Also, as we become more technologically advanced and the demand for energy increases, the number of EMF sources increases.

What Is EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is a measurement of the energy that causes current to flow through a circuit.

It’s also defined as the potential difference in the charge between two points in a circuit. More so, when the current is in a constant flow.

The power consumption will be dependent on the alteration of the EMF strength. Nevertheless, the electric field strength will remain the same.

Types of EMF Radiation

EMF radiation comes in different types. but the differences they bring are quantitative instead of qualitative.

As such, out of the many kinds. There are two types of radiation;

 Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation is an energy type released by an atom. It comes in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves.

It has a high level of energy so it causes ionization or the knocking away of electrons from the atom’s orbit.

This changes the electron balance,making the atom positively charged.

Such a characteristic makes it toxic and may damage cells and DNA.

Four Basic Types Of Ionizing Radiation

There are several types of Ionizing radiation including,

  • Beta Radiation

This ionizing radiation has fast-moving electrons or positrons and electrons removed from the atom’s nucleus. It has a negative charge and is smaller than the alpha particle.

As small as it is, beta radiation can travel in the air for up to a few meters. It can also penetrate our skin’s outer layer, leading to certain health issues.

Accidental ingestion, though, poses the highest health risk.

The good thing is a thick plastic sheet or stack of paper can help block beta radiation.

  • Alpha Radiation

Alpha radiation has two neutrons and two protons, making them positively charged.

It can interact with matter strongly and travel a few centimeters in the air. It can’t usually penetrate the skin’s outer layer but can cause cell damage when ingested.

With its charge and size, though, even a piece of paper can block it.

  • Gamma and X-Ray Radiation

These types of radiation have photons or packets of energy that travel in a straight line.

Having no charge or mass, they can penetrate the human body, depending on their energy level. As for protection, a thick or dense layer of high atomic weight materials can shield gamma and x-ray radiations.

  • Neutron Radiation

Also known as indirect ionizing radiation, neutrons can turn other materials radioactive. That is because they have no electrical charge and have a large mass.

Neutron radiation can travel hundreds or thousands of meters in the air. It can also penetrate deeply into the skin.

Neutron radiation can travel hundreds or thousands of meters in the air. It can also penetrate deeply into the skin.

The good thing is hydrogen-rich materials, like concrete, can block it. 

Non- ionizing radiation

Non-ionizing radiation is not as charged as the ionizing EMF radiation.

It has enough energy, though, that causes DNA and proton vibration at a certain heat level. Still, this type of radiation doesn’t have enough energy to ionize molecules or atoms. Hence, it takes a little longer to prove its similar deadly effect.

That said, some studies suggest and, as published by IARC, long-term exposure to non-ionizing radiation has health risks.

How to Measure EMF Radiation

To measure EMF radiation, you will require a high-frequency EMF meter that measures EMF power density. However, the stronger the EMF, the higher the measurement.

It is important to take note of this when the installation is still going on. In measuring the strength of the EMF, you can know the type of radiation that comes out of UMTS antennas, GSM, and other fields.

These measurements can help to decide the corner in a new house where correct measurements can be done. Also, when you measure field strength, it will be easy to notice where the disturbance is coming from.  

Meter to Measure Electromagnetic Radiation

To measure EMF radiation, you will need a high-frequency EMF meter.

It is a device with an antenna that measures EMF power density or EMF and radio frequencies.

Ultimately, the stronger the EMF, the higher the measurement.

Measuring EMF strength has lots of benefits. You would know the type of radiation coming out of UMTS antennas, GSM, and other fields.

It will also be easy for you to notice where the disturbance is coming from.

It may also help you understand the dangers of exposing yourself to EMF radiation from electricity, home appliances, and heavy machines.

What Are the Recommended EMF Meters ?

You can find many EMF meters in different shapes, and most of them are very handy.

With so many options available, here are some of the best EMF meters you can consider.

1. TriField EMF Meter

TriField is both an AC electric field meter and a radio power density meter.

It has a single unit that combines everything you need for fast and accurate EMF measurements.

2. GQ Advanced GQ EMF 390

The GQ-EMF 390 is a convenient and user-friendly device.

It is ideal for assessing risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation transmitted from electric power lines and home appliances.

This device can measure EMF, ELF, and RF radiation, making it stand out from other EMF measuring devices.

It also detects 5G networks and has data logging capability.

3. Meterk EMF Meter

This EMF meter is generally used for testing and studying EMF radiation both indoors and outdoors.

It has a built-in EMF sensor to display the radiation value on the meter’s bright LCD.

4. Extech Vibration Test Instrument

The ExtechVibration Meter is handy for people who do maintenance or those who test vibrations at machine installations.

It monitors the engine to make sure it works well. Hence, it provides accurate measurement.

The best part is that the Vibration Meter has the following ranges:

  • Acceleration: 200m/s or 656ft/s
  • Velocity: 200mm/s or 7.87in/s
  • Displacement: two millimeters or 0.078 inches.

Materials that Block EMF Radiation?

Cell phones and other devices have brought changes in our daily lives, but they produce high frequencies.

They cannot resist EMF frequencies because they produce various levels of radiation and energy. Thus, they can cause different types of damages to human beings.

Fortunately, some materials and fabrics can block EMF radiation. Hospital PPEs are the most common examples.

Other materials that can block EMF include

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Steel and,
  • Tin

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EMF Radiation

Final Thought – EMF Radiation in Our Daily Lives

EMF radiation is both a natural occurrence and a human-made phenomenon.

Over the years, scientific research linked low-level and high-level EMF radiation exposure to certain health issues, such as cancer and nervous system dysfunctions.

Therefore, always keep in mind that EMF radiation is very much around us.

You must also be cautious of high-level radiation exposures through sun and X- rays. If you understand what it is, you can avoid the dangers.

One way is by less exposure to sunlight. Distancing oneself from electronic devices is also advisable.

You can also use protective EMF headphones when receiving calls instead of keeping the phone close to your ear.


Emf was always an intriguing subject for me.
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