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Cordless Phones EMF Radiation – Risk Factors

Cordless Phones Radiation

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Landline phones were once quite common, but with time people have started replacing them with the cordless ones. Cordless phones are inexpensive and are convenient to use as well. Today, they are a popular choice all over the world. Though these phones are widely accepted and popular, we cannot ignore the cordless phone radiation which is a big risk factor. Though we hear a lot about cell phones and their radiation, there is still little information about cordless phone radiation.

Cordless Phones Cause EMF Radiation

The headset is an important part of a cordless phone. It is continuously transferring information from and to the base station. Whenever a call is received or whenever a person even speaks on the phone, everything goes first through the base station. Such a communication that happens between the receiver and the base station is the cause of a high amount of EMF radiation from the cordless phone. As we use the phone, these radio frequencies transmit close to your head and usually through the brain.

Increased Exposure to Cordless Phone Radiation

Cordless phones increase the risk of exposure to EMF radiation. One of the most common forms of brain cancer, known as Glioma is now being linked to EMF radiation, according to different studies. As per one Swedish study, it was found that long-term use of cell phones was closely linked with increased risk of developing brain cancer or Glioma. Several other studies deal with cell phones and their radiation. However, cordless phone radiation is important and needs consideration. They emit the same kind of EMF radiation, as we have them close to our head.

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Cordless Home phone EMF

Other Risk Factors

Besides, the increase in the risk of brain cancer cordless phones can add to the total EMF level of your home. If the EMF level is high, people who are quite sensitive to it will start experiencing random symptoms. These include feelings of depression, itchiness, nausea, headache, and insomnia. If anyone remains exposed to such high levels of radiation for a long time, it can lead to the development of leukemia in children and adults. Also, such increasing exposure can lead to motility and develop potency issues in sperm. This often leads to different fertility problems, especially in the case of couples who are trying a lot to conceive.

Cordless phones

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How You Can Reduce Exposure from Cordless Phones

The best option to reduce the risk of cordless phone radiation is to ditch your cordless phone. In case this is not feasible, and you are not able to do it, you can do a few things which can help you stay protected from EMF radiation.

First, you should measure with an EMF meter the total EMF level in your home, and specifically the level of radiation the cordless phone emits.

Another option is you can do is unplug your phone when you are not using it. This can lead to problems in receiving calls. So, an excellent way to try this is at night when you

don’t usually get many calls. Besides, time spent with the base station unplugged will help in cutting down the overall EMF exposure of your home.

Another thing to try is getting a wired headset that you can connect to the phone. This still allows for portability, and it also creates some distance between your head and the phone. Just remember to get a wired headset, not Bluetooth. A Bluetooth headset gives off EMF radiation of its own.

Better alternatives

There are a couple of cordless phones on the market that allow you to reduce the amount of EMF radiation emitted. Gigaset cordless phones, for example, produce minimal amounts of EMF radiation when in standby mode. You’re still exposed while you’re on the phone, but the use of a wired headset would help cut down on that.

The EMF radiation emitted by cordless phones is something you should be aware of. Corded phones are quite safe if we compare them with other devices. If you simply must have a cordless phone, or you work in an office that requires it, do what you can to minimize your exposure.



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