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8 Best Low EMF Air Purifiers of 2021

Low EMF Air Purifiers -

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According to numerous studies, high levels of electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) can increase the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. It can also trigger a series of chronic ailments, such as dermatological issues. Unfortunately, most modern gadgets and electronic devices generate EMF.

Air purifiers are among the products that emit radiation. Aware of the potential advantages of investing in an air purifier that filters and removes airborne components, we did some research and found a couple of models that are low in EMF. Take a look.

Do Air Purifiers Produce EMF Radiation?

The short answer to this question is yes. Featuring wire windings and a fan motion, the electromagnetic field is radiated and circulated by an air purifier. This is similar to the process that occurs in a ceiling fan or a car’s air conditioning unit. With that in mind, it is of the utmost importance to know whether the levels of EMF produced by air purifiers are harmful.

Ultimately, that depends on the model that you have invested in. Most products of this type do not run on a DC motor and thus radiate higher levels of EMF. Along with air purifiers, most household appliances and electronic devices emit EMF.

Dangerous Levels of EMF in Air Purifiers

While it is largely thought that computers, TVs, and smartphones emit high levels of EMF, that is a myth. We performED some testing and found an LCD monitor to produce just 2.2mG of EMF radiation. The microwave oven was much higher (set at around 70mG). However, it is still nowhere near as extreme as more common air purifiers.

The two products that we initially tested were the Ionizing Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Purifier. Unfortunately, both had extremely high levels of EMF. We were shocked by 200mG with the first product, as well as the 75mG that we observed with the second item. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests that EMF radiation shouldn’t exceed 2.5mG. Thus, it is extremely harmful to use the aforementioned products on a regular basis.

What to Look for When Buying a Low EMF Air Purifier?

It is essential to know what type of air purifiers emit high levels of electromagnetic field radiation. The models that deal with ions or ozone work with high-voltage charged plates. This is something that modern air purifiers try to avoid.

While the effect that EMF has on our health is still being researched, numerous studies suggest that it is better to stay away from the appliances that produce high amounts of EMF.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up on clean and fresh air just yet. There is a series of air purifier models that use DC motors and emit incredibly low levels of radiation.

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Best Low EMF Air Purifiers

Sensa Low EMF Air Purifier By InvisiClean

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It doesn’t get much better than investing in a multifunctional product. Such is the Claro Air Purifier, which is highlighted by an H13 HEPA filter and made to remove up to 99.7% of airborne components.

When testing, we were quite confident about its quality given the fact that InvisiClean is the only brand that runs on a DC motor and claims to be low EMF. Plus, it offers great value with the ability to filter the air in rooms that are as large as 1,500 square feet.

The activated carbon that is integrated into the pre-filter is efficient at removing odors, pet dander, dust, mites, and other allergens. The coolest point about it is that the Claro Air Purifier runs on a DC motor and has four adjustable speeds. This results in low EMF radiation and reduced electricity consumption.

Furthermore, it comes with a readable LCD that measures air quality in real-time.

Lastly, we were happy to find that it doesn’t produce a lot of noise, which is a common problem with air purifiers.

Sensa Air Purifier From InvisiClean

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Coming as another product from InvisiClean, the Sensa model has a true HEPA filter and excludes ozone in the process of air purifying. Much like the aforementioned product, it uses up to 82% less electricity. Because it doesn’t produce harmful ions, the EMF radiation is almost non-existent.

Talking about its efficiency, we were happy to find that it works at up to 170 cubic feet per minute.

Additionally, it eliminates smoke, dander, dust, and allergens, as well as virus and bacteria particles.

It features a smart air quality monitor that will allow you to know the current levels of air pollution and whether you need to adjust its performance. Fortunately, it has six different speed options. If you find it to be less efficient than you desire, you can always turn on the turbo mode and enjoy its quiet yet powerful purifying operation.

Small Personal Air Purifier From InvisiClean

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If you are looking for more of a portable and efficient purifier, this model is just perfect for you. Weighing just below 2 pounds, we found that it is suitable for sitting on a desk. Also, you can take it with you while you are on the go. How is that possible, you wonder? Because it has a compact design and comes with an adjustable strap. Furthermore, it operates using a lithium battery that can be recharged. Also, it offers up to 240 hours of continuous performance.

The main reason why we recommend it is because it uses negative ions to remove smoke, pet dander, dust, and other harmful airborne components. While it doesn’t remove odors, what you are getting is absolutely worth the money.

Home Air Purifier From Levoit

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Moving on with our list of the 9 best low EMF air purifiers, this one is perfect for people who are on a tight budget. Highlighted by a 3-step purifying process (pre-filter, true HEPA, carbon-activated), it is incredibly efficient and can remove contaminants that are as small as 0.2 microns. Furthermore, we were impressed with its smooth and quiet performance that is set around 25dB.

The fact that it doesn’t use UVC light or Anion in its operation means that the EMF radiation is set at a very low level. That makes this product a worthy choice.

Desktop Air Purifier By Koios

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Talking about affordable air purifiers, we recommend this KOIOS model that also offers reliable performance. It is easy to operate (with one-button control) and has three different fan speeds. Additionally, by using the pre-filter, the true HEPA filter, and the carbon-activated filter, it skips using positive ions and still ensures that 99.7% of contaminants are completely filtered.

The quick intake and discharge makes this KOIOS product a fine choice. Not to mention, the EMF levels are lower given the fact that it does not produce ozone or use UVC light in its operation.

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier From Blueair

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When it comes to air purifiers that are suitable for cleaning areas up to 175 square feet in size, this model is a fine choice. It is highlighted by a 3-stage purifying activity. Also, it features the activated carbon, which is efficient at removing smoke and odor. Additionally, the pre-filters are responsible for eliminating 99% of pet dander and dust particles.

We were happy to find that it consumes just up to 10 watts of electricity. Lastly, it is one of the quietest purifiers on the market, producing as low as 17dB of volume.

Home Air Purifier From TaoTronics

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Highlighted by four fan speeds and a sleep mode, this is one of the most customizable purifiers on the market. We like its innovative and simple operation design. It is safe for both kids and pets, removing any kind of allergens, dander, and mites through its performance. Most importantly, it features a 360-degree air inlet. This means that you won’t have to worry about whether it will be efficient as long as the room isn’t larger than 161 square feet.

The HEPA air filter works with activated carbon to provide a safe yet powerful purifying performance. Unlike most common models, this one has a no-light option and won’t disturb your sleep.

Purely Awesome Air Purifier By hOmelabs

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Getting on with the best low EMF products, it is safe to assume that the H13 HEPA filter is a guarantee for healthy and powerful performance. Thus, we weren’t surprised to find that this product can remove particles that are as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, dander, mites, smoke, odor, virus, and bacteria components. The filters are recyclable and offer a performance of up to 2,100 hours of use, which is equal to 87 days.

We are quite happy to see that this is a compact and portable air purifier. Therefore, it is adequate for medium-sized bedrooms. Furthermore, the fact that it features a child-lock mode makes it one of the safest models on the market.

5500-2 Air Purifier From Winix

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When it comes to innovative air purifiers, we simply have to highlight this Winnix product. Apart from the true HEPA filter, which has proven to be the best solution in modern products, it also features PlasmaWave technology that is made to break down odor and smoke.

It can perform in rooms that are up to 360 square feet in size. With three fan speeds, it is a product that you can adjust depending on the current air quality and your preference.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, while EMF is considered to be harmful, that doesn’t mean that you need to avoid air purifiers. We did our best to highlight the most efficient low EMF models. It is your turn to go ahead and choose one according to your budget and needs!


Emf was always an intriguing subject for me.
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