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10 Best Laptop Radiation Shields

Laptop Radiation Shields -

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A laptop is an essential part of the everyday routine for millions of people around the world. This is no surprise as it is a great option if you are on the go. However, what if we told you that this device is one of the biggest sources of EMF radiation? And that there’s a way to protect yourself from laptop radiation with a laptop radiation shield.

Because of the radiofrequency energy a laptop emits to connect with Wi-Fi networks, the emission of electromagnetic field radiation rises to anywhere from 40 to 100 times higher than what is considered to be normal (measured in milligauss). According to the World Health Organization, the main issue with this is that it is quite common for users to keep laptops on their lap. This can negatively affect sperm count, as well as contribute to complications when it comes to fetus development.

Not only that, but there are numerous studies on how EMF radiation is one of the main triggers for several cancer types. With this in mind, although it is impossible to forbid the usage of laptops, the WHO recommends keeping them at least 20-30cm from your skin while in use to reduce the radiation. Thankfully, over the past couple of years, the laptop radiation shield has become more and more popular.

Let’s look at how these work, as well as whether they can actually protect you from radiation. So, let’s start!

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What Are Laptop Radiation Shields?

First released several years ago, these shields come in the form of pads. They are made out of a specific material that has the potential to block radiofrequency, magnetic, and other kinds of EMF radiation. These can be of great use if you place place your computer on your lap. Placing your device on lap puts you at a higher risk of being affected by electromagnetic field radiation.

By putting the laptop radiation shield between your body and the computer, you can not only reduce or even block the emitted EMF radiation, but you can also reduce the heat emitted by your laptop.

Do Laptop Radiation Shields Work?

It all depends on the model of laptop radiation shield that you invest in. Our personal recommendation is that, before investing in one, you take simple steps to keep a distance of 25-30cm between your skin and your laptop. Additionally, connect to Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi whenever possible.

As for how the aforementioned pads can help you, we will do our best to cover a couple of the best models, highlight their main features, and discuss how they work.

Best Laptop Radiation Shields – 10 Brands to Keep in Mind

AlfredX Laptop EMF Radiation Protection Pad

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The first product that we are reviewing comes from one of the most recognized names in the laptop radiation shield sphere. It also comes at a fantastic price and with dimensions that should cover most computers. This pad is made out of metal and fabric. Moreover, it has a rectangular shape with the dimensions of 12 x 16 x 0.15 inches. We think that it is among the most reliable pads on the market.

It blocks radiofrequency and magnetic radiation with a few layers of metal/fabric protection. Moreover, it also cools down the temperature of your laptop. According to the manufacturer, investing in this shield can reduce the risk of exposure to EMF radiation by up to 99%. Plus, with the satisfaction guarantee and 1-year limited warranty, you should be able to use this product on an everyday basis completely worry-free.

Apart from the compact and convenient design that will allow you to put it under any laptop/tablet up to 14 inches in diameter, the main feature has to be the Faraday fabric and aluminum foil that work together to block radiation and reduce heat. Overall, it is an effective and affordable laptop radiation shield that you should certainly consider.

Radi-Armor Anti-Radiation Laptop Shield Pad

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Radi-Armor Anti-Radiation laptop pad comes in two color variations – red and black. Furthermore, this pad is highlighted by a silver and copper liner. That stands as a fantastic solution when it comes to preventing harm from microwave, electric, and high-radiofrequency radiation. Although incredibly efficient at blocking EMF radiation, the weight of this product is less than one pound.

Similar to the aforementioned product, this one is set at 16.75 inches in length and 12 inches in width, which is good enough to support most laptops and tablets. Additionally, it is incredibly attractive, and you are sure to love the vegan-friendly leather that contributes to the non-slip surfacing.

EMRSS ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray

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Moving on with our list of the best laptop radiation shields on the market, this one comes at a somewhat higher price. However, it can block up to 99% of both low electromagnetic field and high radiofrequency radiation. Not only that, but it is lightweight and simple to transport. As a result, it is just a perfect choice if you are always on the go.

Finally, apart from the benefits you can get in terms of blocking harmful EMF radiation and radiofrequency waves, the EMRSS ProShield also goes a long way when it comes to reducing laptop temperature.

SafeSleeve EMF Protection

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Next on our list is a product that you can use it for more than just shielding yourself from radiation. It comes in the form of a laptop case. Therefore, you can use it to store, transport, or rest your computer on. Moreover, it supports laptops that are up to 16 inches in diameter, and you also get a mousepad. All of this is made out of breathable, conductive, and durable material that both blocks radiation and keeps you comfortable.

SYB Laptop Pad

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If you want to invest in a simple yet reliable laptop radiation shield, this SYB model is a perfect choice. It is available in three different variations, including Jet Black Vegan Leather, Midnight Microwave, and Ultra Marine. Moreover, it is made out of three different materials: ultra-durable vegan leather cover, ferromagnet steel plate, and high-resistance alloy. There are two size models, including the 14-inch and 17-inch, depending on which suits you better.

Most importantly, it can block up to 92% of the radiation emitted from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections, and your laptop device. Additionally, it can also reduce the heat of your device by 99%.

N/P Laptop Radiation Shield

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Among the main concerns that people have are the negative effects of the 5G network. Whether it is actually bad or that is just a myth, investing in a pad that can protect you from it and EMF radiation seems like a good choice.

With Faraday fabric/aluminum foil in the middle and premium vegan leather at the top and bottom of this product, you can be quite confident that most EMF radiation will be instantly blocked. Additionally, this 16×12-inch pad is incredibly comfortable and features a non-slip surface.

NewBeau EMF Protection Laptop Pad

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There are two sizes of this product – 7.8×11.8 inches and 12×16 inches. You can choose between them based on how big your laptop or tablet is. Similar to the aforementioned tray, this one is highlighted by high-quality vegan leather on the outside and Faraday fabric and anti-radiation aluminum foil as the second and third layers. Finally, we like the lightweight design and portability of this pad.

COVA EMF Laptop Radiation Pad

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Coming at a fantastic price, you will love that this product is not only made out of conductive elements, including Faraday fabric and aluminum foil, but it also features a couple of accessories that offer protection. We are talking about the popular anti-EMF radiation stickers that you can put on your computer/tablet to block a percentage of the emitted waves.

WOREMOR EMF Lap Desk Protection

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Tested in Germany and Canada, this product stands as one of the most effective shields on the market given its potential to eliminate up to 99.99% of emitted radiation. The size that it comes at is universal (17.32 x 1.97 x 13.39 inches). Therefore, it is suitable for most laptops and tablets.

Most importantly, the materials that the blocking layers are made out of are premium and extra-conductive, including silver and copper, which also reduce the temperature of your laptop or tablet.

HARApad Edge Laptop Radiation Shield

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At the end of our list comes a product that offers the most advanced multi-directional shielding with conductive and blocking materials at both the vertical and horizontal walls of this product. Made in the USA, there isn’t a lot to doubt when it comes to the construction quality of this product.

Although this pad is quite pricey, the 3D design and proven efficiency make it a worthy choice. Lastly, you get two free foam pads that will further reduce the emitted heat and make the anti-radiation tray sit more comfortably on your lap.

Wrap Up

Radiofrequency, microwave, and EMF radiation are harmful not only to young children but also to adult men (sterility/impotence), and women (uterus/fetus damage).

With this in mind, we did our best to present you with some of the most effective laptop radiation shields that can block most radiation when used properly. So all that is left is for you to choose the best one to suit your needs and budget and you are off to the races! Good luck!


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