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Best EMF Protection Necklaces of 2021: Our Top Picks

emf protection necklaces

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The concept of EMF protection is all over, and it appeals to many people. It refers to technology that shields you from the harmful effects of radiation. Many different gadgets have been devised to this effect, among them being the EMF protection necklace.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the impact that radiation has on them. This is because they don’t struggle with symptoms from exposure. However, the lack of symptoms doesn’t mean that there are no effects of radiation on the body.

One of the ways you can combat radiation and minimize its effects is by adorning a high-quality EMF protection Pendant. The best EMP protection necklaces not only reduce the effects of radiation but also enhance your looks.

What are EMF Protection Necklaces?

An EMF blocking necklace refers to jewelry made from minerals that form a paramagnetic field around them. For instance, this field helps to alter, block, or absorb the effects of artificial electromagnetic fields. It’s worn around the neck as an accessory, but its more significant degree of functionality lies in being an EMF blocker.

Specifically, the necklace is comprised of a pendant and chain, with most of the protective qualities being in the pendant. With all the frequent exposure to electromagnetic field waves from wireless technology, it makes sense to wear such a gadget. Some of these pendants offer additional benefits like improved sleep quality.

You are probably wondering if EMF pendants work. Their effectiveness depends on the necklace in question. Some are made from a combination of healing and protective stones or crystals. They work to neutralize the adverse effects of EMF radiation on the body’s cells.

Others are made using patented technology that protects you against EMF radiation. These necklaces are an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). Anyone who is also constantly surrounded by power lines and electronics may also benefit from the necklaces.

Best EMF Protection Necklaces Reviews

You’ll come across numerous EMF protection pendants once you set out to look for one. Sifting through them all to find the most appropriate can be overwhelming and limiting. This is why this review of the best pendants is here to help you in your search.

It looks at the top seven best EMF protection necklaces that work effectively. By the time you read through the list, you won’t need to look elsewhere.

Q Link SRT-3 Pendant

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The Q-Link pendant is a premier product that protects against the adverse effects of EMF radiation. The brand has been a research and development pioneer in frequency technologies. As a result, you can rely on its reputation and trust that the product works as promised.


The Q-Link necklace weighs a mere 1 pound, and although small, it has a huge impact. Pro athletes, celebrities, doctors, business professionals, students, and outdoor enthusiasts wear this pendant. The necklace received the award for the best New PGA product and has freely been endorsed by international touring gold professionals.

The package comes with one brand new durable, stylish, and sleek Q-Link pendant and a 30″ comfort cord. The necklace comes in an array of colors like clarion violet, blue, aura blue, pink, vivid orange, easy gray, and vibrant red. Because of so many different colors available, both men and women can wear it.


The pendant has a sporty design that easily blends with everyday life. It features hard-wearing plastic that makes it durable. Although not the cheapest necklace on the market, it can last for up to a decade, giving you value for your money.

Many EMF-sensitive individuals who have used the product experience reduced joint pains, anxiety, and headaches. Lastly, they also have improved sleep patterns, focus, and generally high energy levels.


  • Has more benefits than just blocking EMF radiation, including better sleep and high energy levels
  • One of the most effective EMF protection products on the market
  • Available in an assortment of colors suitable for both men and women
  • Lasts long and gives you value for your money
  • Has a good reputation and is worn by the elite in society


  • Too big to be worn every time
  • Pricey

2. Black Sun Orgonite Donut Pendant

Black Sun Orgonit Pendant

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The Orgonite Pendant is one of those EMF protection necklaces that are made with patented technology. The proponents of orgonite technology claim it produces weak energy, but it is effective in harmonizing the body.


The Orgonite Pendant is big, measuring approximately 6 cm in diameter, excluding the strap. It’s made from a blend of finely shredded steel, copper, and brass metals. Secondly, they’re mixed with some unique “black sun blend” and black iron oxide to create the pendant.

The oxide contains a wide range of heavy minerals and fine quartz. For a complete mixture, it also has crushed Shungite, crystal gemstones, rose, amethyst, and quartz.

Finally, the pendant is fitted with a 30″ black leather cord that can be adjusted to the length you like. The donut pendant feels comfortable around the neck and works effectively.


  • The pendant is made from natural elements fused through technology
  • Slowly but effectively gets rid of pain
  • The craftsmanship is phenomenal, and the pendant’s resemblance to a donut is aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with a 30″ cord for hanging it around the neck
  • Can be worn at all times and to different places


  • The pendant is big to hang around the neck
  • It may not be the kind of item to you want to gift someone

3. LUXAR EMF Protection Necklace

Luxar EMF Protection Necklace

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There’s no better way to purify your life than with the LUXAR EMF protection jewelry. Its healing power works effectively to rid you of pain and any other discomfort.


The LUXAR EMF blocking pendant has multiple benefits that vary from one person to the other. Its effects are felt not only physical but also spiritually and mentally. The ripple effect extends to relationships and leads to better sleeping patterns.

Uniquely, it’s made from black obsidian stone, which is a powerful cleaner in the psychic world. It is more familiar under the name of Flower of Life and symbolizes the mystery of life and secrets of the universe. The black obsidian powder contains a power that shields you against negativity.

The pendant is small and compact, measuring only 1.57 inches in diameter. It also comes with a beautiful necklace to complete the set.


  • The price falls on the affordable end of the scale
  • Powerful psychic smog cleaner made with an aura that quickly matches any personality
  • Has a flower that symbolizes life
  • A hand-made pendant that has been tested and tried for effectiveness
  • Has more benefits than just blocking harmful radiation rays


  • The pendant looks nice but it is cheaply done
  • Can’t be worn to bed as the chain may break apart

4. Karelia Shungite Pendant

Karelia Shungite Pendant

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Shungite is a stone with a long history. It has strong healing qualities and also cleanses, protects, and normalizes body processes.


Firstly, The Karelia Shungite Pendant is a miracle stone that dates back to about 2 billion years. It works by protecting the human biofield as it neutralizes the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation. Secondly, the pendant is made from Shungite material and boasts of 98% carbon for effective EMF blocking.

It’s available in three styles, mainly the wrapped 5-9 g necklace, the raw 10-13 g necklace, and the 5-9 g necklace. These three styles provide options for personal preference, especially if in search of men’s EMF protection necklace.

Each type of necklace is crafted from a particular kind of stone and is sure to bring a charming and calming effect. Despite being high in the carbon ratio and general quality, the pendant comes at a highly affordable price. However, to enjoy the full impact of the pendant, it needs to be regularly cleaned.


Apart from the rewards of increased wellness from EMF protection, the Karelia pendant looks fabulous. It suits a wide range of appearances and styles and particularly appeals to people with a spiritual background. With it, you can avoid headaches and experience the benefits on an ongoing basis.


  • Offers the greatest protection against EMF
  • The pendant is attractive and comes from a reputable Russian company
  • Lightweight, making you forget you’re wearing something on your neck
  • Designed for both men and women, with a variety of styles
  • Reduces pain and protects you from headaches


  • The eye of the pendant is too small for many cords to go through
  • It fails the flashlight conductivity tests and may therefore not be as effective in EMF protection

5. Dr. Valerie Nelson EMF Protection Pendant Necklace

Dr. Valerie Nelson EMF Protection

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Dr. Valerie Nelson’s pendant is programmed for supreme protection. The blend of over 30 homeopathic frequencies helps with several issues.


This EMF blocking necklace is available in a wide range of natural styles, images, and colors. Whoever you are, you’ll be able to find a chain to suit you from this brand. The designs include White Quartz, Glass Tree of Life, Black Tree of Life, and Blue Tree of Life aimed at female users.

For example, men can choose from Stainless Steel Tree of Life and Black Quartz designs. They suit a variety of styles and personalities and come in handy in various situations. You’ll notice the effects of the pendant within minutes of wearing it, especially in the evenings.

Some designs focus on spiritual themes, while others have a religious aspect to them. However, all of them focus on the reduction of fatigue, headaches, procrastination, and related problems.


  • The pendant is designed in a variety of styles to suit different people and situations
  • The calming effects are noticeable as soon as you wear the pendant
  • Made in natural tones and atmospheres that enhance the overall feeling of peace and wellbeing
  • Strengthens the body’s energetic field
  • Long-term positive effects like improved sleep patterns, reduced noises, and fertility issues


  • The pendant failed the Electro Derma Stress technology test
  • The chain is low quality and may change color and stain your neck

6. LUXAR Black Volcanic Lava and Shungite Pendant

Luxuar Black Volcanic Lava and Shungite Pendant

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Another pendant from the LUXAR brand is the lava and Shungite pendant with a multitude of beneficial health effects. However, the level of usefulness varies from one person to another, spiritually and physically.


The LUXAR black volcanic lava offers powerful EMF protection through its metaphysical properties that help shield you against electrical signals. Moreover, it also provides for better health and wellbeing. It’s a lightweight pendant, measuring 1.65 inches in diameter and has a beautiful silver necklace.

The pendant also has a Flower of Life that symbolizes the quality of life. The symbol is present in all major religions in the world. It’s over 6,000 years old and comprises several overlapping circles in equal sizes and shapes.

The volcanic lava stone contains an organic grounding material believed in providing a sense of security and stability. It guides you towards a more constructive and positive path while anchoring you during the most challenging times.


  • Has a Flower of Life that symbolizes the quality and mysteries of life
  • Provides various physical and spiritual effects from person to person
  • Ensures you experience stability and security
  • Lightweight and can be worn around the clock
  • Has a beautiful silver extendable metal necklace


  • The design of the pendant may not appeal to some

7. Ewater EMF Protection Pendant

Ewater Emf Protection Pendant

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The last on this list of the best EMF protection necklaces is the Ewater pendant. This is not to say that it’s the least effective or it should be your last resort.


The Ewater pendant is designed to work with your body in its own frequencies to reduce the adverse effects of EMF. It’s the ultimate EMF blocker and also reduces environmental chaos. It’s also your must-have pendant for protection against the physical drain.

The body suffers from all the potentially harmful energy it’s exposed to every day. Negative influences from other people, cellphones, smart devices, and computers deplete energy from the body. The pendant comes in handy to block these negative effects to maintain high energy levels.

It comes with a beautiful reflective sky-blue color that would look good on the user. Its shape resembles a drop of water. It also has a chord fitted in position.


  • Works with the body’s frequency to produce the desired effect
  • Works at optimum levels to block EMF radiation
  • Protects you from physical and mental drain
  • Comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Has an attractive design and color


  • Quite expensive

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Final Thoughts

The body suffers adverse effects due to exposure to electromagnetic field radiation. While many people don’t notice until they develop symptoms, others are overly sensitive to radiation. There are many products designed to help minimize these effects, among them being EMF blocking jewelry.

The best EMF protection necklaces are both aesthetic and functional. They also come at a fair price and will last for many years. The above are just a few of the models that you can try for the best results.


Emf was always an intriguing subject for me.
In today's world, we're all exposed to electromagnetic fields of different strengths. I feel it is important to know how to minimize our exposure without sacrificing the things we all love and can not live without, like our phones, tablets, microwaves, etc...I made it my mission to learn as much as possible on the subject first to protect my family and inform others. Browse the articles to get informed. Knowledge is power.

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